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Our Jeep bumpers are hand-crafted, and all-welded (also by hand). We do not use bending brakes. We fit up and weld them by hand.


We have our parts cut at a local facility that utilizes CNC Hi-Definition Plasma, as well as Laser cutting. This gives us consistently high quality parts that fit.

Customer Service

We are small and family-owned. We're also passionate about off-roading just like you! You'll never have your concerns shoved to the side at TPT.


Our designs turn heads. But...we don't get rediculous with it. Not only is our stuff cool to look at, it's fully funtional and brutally tough.

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All-Welded, No Bends

We don't do bends. They weaken the metal. Our Jeep products are all welded for maximum, brutal strength. Plus they look purdy too!

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Powder Coat Finish

We have our bumpers powder coated. Our coaters media-blast all bumpers in preparation, and are top-quality! Several finishes available.

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2" x 2" Square Tubing

Our stingers and grill guards are made from 2x2 11ga. square tubing. They are much stronger than traditional tubing, and give our bumpers a bold, daring look not found elsewhere.

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Ordering Options

We know that different people have different wants. You can order your bumper with 6 different powder coated colors, zinc-rich primer for additional corrosion resistance, grill protection or none. Choices.

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About Us

TPT is passionate about off-roading. Family owned and operated, we strive to design head-turning AND fully funtional accessories for your off road vehicle(s).

We believe in a personal touch and approach. We love to interact with our customers, and truly care about your concerns. Our processes take longer than others, but that's because all of our products are hand crafted.

We also love to hear from you and field your ideas! Here it's not a matter of "WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU". It's "YOU KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU".